Tramway Engineering is the leading tramway consulting firm in the Rocky Mountain Region specializing in aerial transport systems and technical services for the winter sports industry.  With over 30 years in the ski industry, we have the experience needed to address the many technical issues that evolve through the lifts’ life cycle.

In addition to the technical design services Tramway Engineering offers, we have been involved with the planning and construction of large aerial transportation systems for both recreation and urban transportation purposes.  Given the proper application, aerial transportation systems have many benefits when compared to traditional mass transit alternatives.

Tramway Engineering is the designer and proponent of the use of use of Linear Synchronous Motors (LSM) to propel carriers when they are not connected to the haul rope in the terminals.  The concept is explained in Ski Area Management article.  The use of LSM in ropeway terminal opens up an entirely new concept of urban mass transportation.  This concept of Aerial People Movers was outlined in a technical presentation at an OITAF-NACS conference in 2013.   The web site provides more details.

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