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The designers of tramways use classical developed engineering formulas to determine stresses.  Listed below is a sample of PDF documents that can be downloaded for informational and educational purposes.


US Forest Service Manual: Although this document is rather dated, it does contain basic information about tramways.  The document was a labor of love for Chuck Dwyer when he worked for the Forest Service in the 1970’s.  Prior to that time Chuck worked as a design engineer for Heron-Poma.

Tiger Wire Rope Engineering Handbook:  This document is one of the best for formulas that can be used to analyze.  The handbook contains a complete summary of formulas that form the basis for tramway design (pg. 12).

Tramway Manufacturer’s Design Formula:  This document summarizes the formulas used by one tramway manufacturer in the basic design of a ski lift.

US Army Manual on Cableway Design:  This document was developed by the US Army as a design manual for simple cableway and suspension bridges.  The formulas are easy to understand and form the basis for all tramway designs.

Physics Book:  This document contains an excerpt from a physics book describing the basic formulas for suspended cable with uniformly spaced loads.

Advanced Cableway Equations:  This document has a variety of equations and examples of loading calculations for suspended cables.