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Tramway Engineering is a proponent of the use of aerial systems for transportation in urban environments.  The benefits of such systems is discussed in our web site http://aerialpeoplemovers.com

The current design of detachable lifts limits the potential of utilization as an urban people mover.  The terminal design now controls carrier movement in the terminal to a speed that is directly proportional to the haul rope.  This lack of flexibility precludes control of individual carrier movement within the terminal and thus the transfer of carriers to alternate paths as required in an aerial network.

Recent development in the use of linear synchronous motors (LSM) allows the current mechanically linked system to be replaced with a line of stators that are mounted directly above the path of the moving carriers.  A permanent magnet is mounted on each grip in the location of the current friction plate.  Computer software controls the activation of each stator and thus controls the movement of each individual carrier.  In this terminal design, there are no moving parts, control is improved and long term maintenance is dramatically reduced.

Tramway Engineering has investigated and patented the use of LSM as a terminal conveyance system.  They are currently working with the manufacturers to promote this major technological advancement.  


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